This [reference] is intended to convey to the recipient the confidence that Hensel Phelps has in using GC Solutions, LLC (dba RediStair®) on projects that require high quality, timely production, and personal attention to detail. Since 2014, Hensel Phelps has utilized GCS on institutional and military projects totaling in excess of [$2.4] million, with individual PO’s of [$750K] or more. I have personally been involved in two of these projects, at UC Irvine and UC San Diego. Our projects were design-build in nature, and some were running concurrently with each other. GCS has met or exceeded our expectations, and Hensel Phelps intends to continue using GCS and RediStair® where appropriate on future work.
— Rod Hammett, Project Manager, Hensel Phelps
“With RediStair®, there’s no need for maintaining ladders and floor openings. Easy access to floors using RediStair® instead of ladders. My favorite part, never pouring pan filled stairs again. We usually don’t do this until later in the job and pan filled stairs may create good access for others, but really does not help us much because it happens long after we start. No cleanup of the messy pan filled stair placing process! To me that says it all right there. I could go on and on, but let me sum this up: I never want to pour another pan filled stair again. However, I would love to have RediStair® on all my future projects. More efficient, less money, to me that adds up to a no-brainer!”
— Pete Black, Superintendent, TAS Concrete
“I have been involved with 4 projects where we installed the RediStair® precast stairs system. The quality product and service provided by GC Solutions was excellent. Our clients are happy that we can provide this service to them which helps with safety, schedule and coordination. The crews appreciate the early and safe access to the working deck.”
— Mike Daniel, Project Executive, Largo Concrete
“RediStair®’s innovative precast concrete stair was painless to incorporate into the design of our project. The installation process was straightforward and undemanding and our project was able to utilize RediStair in diverse fashions; in the building’s fitness area, in the interior of the townhouse units, and as the high-rise’s egress stairs. The RediStair team also assisted with obtaining the deferred submittal permit from the City of Los Angeles.”
— Robert Wendinger, Holland Construction
“We were very pleased with the RediStair® team at the Bancroft Hall project in Berkeley, Ca. Due to a non-typical structural detail in the contract documents, we were unable to install the RediStairs in typical sequence. Jacob was very helpful in helping us develop a strategic plan to hoist and “post install” the RediStair® once the active deck had been poured and stressed. I would highly recommend RediStair® for your project.”
— Colin Macinnes, Superintendent, Webcor Concrete
“Hensel Phelps Construction Co has been very pleased with the quality of the RediStair® Precast Stairs on the UCSD Student Housing Project. The system provides access to subsequent elevated decks immediately without the added cost and coordination of a temporary stair or ladder. We have also been able to utilize the permanent handrail embeds with our temporary handrail system for a safe and secure way to provide construction access to the project.”
— Thomas Browning, Hensel Phelps Construction Group
“When it comes to safety, which is my highest concern on all projects, the benefit that RediStair® brings to our jobsites by allowing all trades to safely access the live deck immediately is invaluable.”
— Owen Brizgys, Construction Manager, Webcor Concrete
“I have used RediStair® on multiple projects and am continually pleased with the quality, service, and ease the system provides to the overall project.”
— John Renninger, Senior Superintendent, Largo Concrete
“I found RediStair® to be very user friendly with the design and installation, RediStair® allowed instant access to each deck cutting the need for renting a seven story stair tower. RediStair® installed inserts in the sides of the stair stringers allowing attachment points for temporary safety rails; we also accelerated the permanent hand rail install thanks to the design drawings from RediStair®. I look forward to working with Rich and his team at RediStair® in the future, I found they not only saved us time and money on the project they were more than willing to review the project in depth eliminating any design problems up front.”
— Bill Hoylman, Superintendent, Foushee
“The RediStair® system is great for builders; it saves contractors the hassle of multiple pump mobilizations required with pan-filled stairs. The innovation built in to the RediStair® system allows us to reduce time and cost expectations.”
— Kyle Forbes, Senior Superintendent, Largo Concrete
“Because we own and operate the projects we build, it is important to us to have high quality, long term, cost effective systems in the buildings we produce. RediStair® was our choice for concrete stairs in our new Stadium Innovation Center (Seattle, WA), and after our experience of working with RediStair®, we will be installing them again at our current project Home Plate Center. Great innovation, good customer service…I would recommend RediStair® to any contractor looking to maintain safe accessible egress during construction, without added cost.”
— Patrick Nickerson, Vice President, SODO Builders
“Our team has completed two projects in the last two years and we used the RediStair® system on both projects. The RediStair® precast stairs are fast, clean, and get you access to the live deck as soon as you set the stair. The RediStair® staff/team has also been great to work with - from clean and easy-to-read shop drawings, all the way to the tech support, their team is always available to help us out if we have any questions.”
— Charles Cuin, Project Engineer, Largo Concrete
“The RediStair® product was successfully used on two projects that I’ve worked on over the last three years. The RediStair® design is flexible enough to be used in a variety of different situations, from the vomitory stairs in a sports arena to the primary access / egress stairs in a biotech research / office building. The RediStair® team is more than willing to spend plenty of time up front making sure the design will work, prior to fabrication. This made the installation of the RediStair® products progress smoothly and quickly when they arrived on site.”
— Josh Curry, Senior Scheduling Engineer, Mortenson Construction
“RediStair®’s integration into the multiple high-rise projects that I’ve been a part of that have utilized the system has been straightforward and simple. RediStair® Project Management is always cooperative and readily available to help our project when challenges arrive. They consistently went above and beyond and assisted our project team with obtaining the necessary City of Los Angeles deferred submittal permits.”
— Drake Robinson, APM, Largo Concrete