Since 2006, thousands of RediStair® stringers have been installed in commercial construction projects - bringing safety and efficiency to contractors, as well as a tasteful, durable end-use product to developers and owners.

RediStair® is the proprietary process that integrates pre-cast concrete stair stringers and site cast main and intermediate landings to form a “cantilevered truss.”  When the RediStair® stringers are set and the site-cast concrete reaches design strength, all intermediate landing shoring may be removed, with the net effect that the stair system is unsupported except at the locations of contact with the main level slabs.  The unsupported landings save project cost by eliminating the direct cost of support systems (columns, beams, ledgers, hangers, etc…) and the indirect cost of the painting, fireproofing and maintenance of the support systems.  The unsupported “cantilevered truss” works where there is a single intermediate landing.  In situations where multiple intermediate landings or other complicating features exist, GC Solutions, LLC includes design of additional stair system support to offer a complete bidder design system.

Designed to simplify the construction process, RediStair® allows installation of the stair system as the building rises, reducing or eliminating the need for temporary stairs.  Having the permanent stair system in place significantly improves jobsite safety and efficiency without the redundancy and cost of temporary stair requirements.

Easily integrated into most mild reinforced or post tensioned concrete construction, RediStair® engineers can usually design required modifications to accommodate steel frame construction with metal deck and thin slabs.  Comprehensive load analysis is performed for each “cantilevered truss,” and load conditions are provided the engineer of record for incorporating the stair loads into the structure.

Typically, RediStair® stringers are delivered to the jobsite on a “just in time” basis and installation ideally occurs as they are lifted off of the delivery truck.  The delivery is scheduled to occur 1-3 days prior to the elevated deck pour adjacent to the stair tower.  In the event concrete stairs are adjacent to core walls and a gang form interferes with the elevated slab block-out, a set may be delayed until the gang form clears the elevated slab.  In situations where stairs are located within core walls, accommodations in the forming system need to be made in the pre-construction phase of the project to allow access through the top of the gang form.  GC Solutions, LLC will coordinate with your form designers at no additional cost to accommodate this requirement.

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Intermediate stair forming, setting of stringers, installation of re-bar, landing and block-out concrete, form stripping, and temporary handrail installation average 16 man hours/intermediate landing on projects with 30 or more RediStair® stringers.  The average is slightly more (18-20mh/level) on projects with less than 30 stringers.

GC Solutions, LLC, is actively looking to license qualified pre-cast companies in various markets around the country.  Subject to certification for quality and performance, GC Solutions, LLC will authorize a distributor of RediStair® in any market that an owner or contractor anticipates building in.  Please let us know where you want to use RediStair®, and we will provide you a contact in the region, or initiate certification in a timely fashion.